Dr. Viktor Klippenstein


work +49 6151 16-21228

Work L2|06 309
Peter-Grünberg-Strasse 10
64287 Darmstadt

Short Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 2023: Postdoc, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
  • 2018-2023: Ph.D, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
    Thesis: "Development of Bottom-up and Iterative Methods
    for Non-Markovian Coarse-Grained Modeling of Molecular Dynamics"
  • 2018 Master of Science (M.Sc.). Thesis: “Combination of Time Coarse-Graining and Spatial Coarse-Graining in Polymer Systems”
  • 2011-2018 Studium der Chemie an der Technischen Universität Darmstadt