Arpenik Kroyan M.Sc.


Since 2022: MMIR Fellow, Trondheim, Norway

Job Description: Mapping key challenges in technology transfer in Trondheim and Bodo; impact on startup ecosystem - inspired by Tel Aviv

Since 2022: Bioinformatics at Vitroscope, Trondheim, Norway

Job description: Developing software for cell recognition and tracking

Since 2020: PhD Stipendiat, NTNU Department of Material Science, Trondheim, Norway

Research Domain: Nanothermodynamics of RNA from MD Simulations; investigating the effects of chain size, shape, type and the environment; Modelling of complex epoxy systems for industrial applications

2018-2020: Laboratory Assistant, NTNU Department of Chemistry, Trondheim, Norway

Job description: Teaching laboratory courses of general chemistry and organic chemistry on bachelor and master levels

2017-2019: M.Sc. Chemistry, NTNU and SINTEF Biotechnology and Nanomedicine, Trondheim, Norway

Theis topic: "Fabriacation of novel ppolymeric membranes for CO2 gas separation"

2016-2017: Laboratory Assistant, Animex Food, Dobczyce, Poland

Job description: Product quality assessment and control via relevant chemical analysis.

2013-2016: B.Sc. Chemistry, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

Thesis topic: "Polymeric systems exhibiting aggregation induced emission effect"